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Skin Care

Our Skin Care range uses blends of nature’s finest oils, combined to moisturise, refresh & repair your skin. Our ingredients work together to supplement and replenish your skin’s natural properties. From baobab to argan oil, we have searched for the perfect combination of ingredients to help you find comfort in all senses of the word. Our key ingredient, full-spectrum CBD oil, has proven anti-oxidant properties that expedite the healing process & minimises wrinkles, anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the skin, as well as stress relief properties to help maintain homeostasis.


Our Supplements range is 100% natural and meticulously researched to boost the body, enabling you to counteract a busy & stressful lifestyle. Now stocking Nootropics for cognitive & memory support as well as stimulating the growth of brain cells.

Health Care

We’re going back to our roots by rediscovering ancient medicines. We strive to supply you with the most effective natural medicines that work hand in hand with the synthetic drugs that are on the market and to lower the required quantities of these drugs.

Customer Testimonials

“I’ve had a scar for 40 years on my neck. It was a raised scar & had an uneven surface. After applying essentology skin repair balm for 4 weeks the scar is now smooth to the touch! I a. So thrilled with this product, I recommend it wholeheartedly.”
Deborah Garth

I use the balm everyday on my kids, its amazing. From gleaming cuts and bruises to stopping the itch from mozzie bites. It really is an all in one balm. I even use it as a moisturiser on them and it work wonders. Being a natural product I am not worried that it will effect them, even when using it multiple times a day.
Michele Wood


Tired of feeling tired? Struggling to remember things? Want to out-perform your colleagues or push harder at the gym? Or just protect yourself from diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s & cancer. Try our capsulated lion’s mane mushroom extract today!


Neurohealth Properties of Lions Mane extract

Diseases of the aging nervous system, such as Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, and stroke, are serious global public health crises as there is no cure for them currently. These lucrative markets have thus attracted the interest of a majority of large...

The Benefits of Lions Mane

1. Could Protect Against Dementia The brain’s ability to grow and form new connections typically declines with age, which may explain why mental functioning gets worse in many older adults (3Trusted Source). Studies have found that lion’s mane mushrooms contain two...

What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

New methods of cannabis consumption are bringing us further away from the notion that marijuana belongs solely in a bong or joint – or that it has to get you high, for that matter. Cannabis-infused topicals are an example of how new modes of consumption are...

8 Ways to Counteract a Too-Intense Cannabis High

Any cannabis consumer can tell you that if there’s one feeling no one enjoys, it’s the moment when you realize, “I’m too high.” Maybe the edible kicked in three hours late. Perhaps you tried to impress a group of friends by breathing in a little bit too deeply. You...


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